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~ The Rivendale Review was launched in October 1999 ~

~ This version: August  11th 2011 ~

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All the work featured on this site is complete and free to read

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About the Rivendale Review Nexus

Welcome to the Nexus or "connection point" for the ever spreading wordage of the Rivendale Review. I am an independent author, self publishing free novels and short stories in HTML and various e-book formats. As an "indy" author I maintain a presence in several literary corners of the internet, but they all link back to her
e. My work can be found at Lulu.com, Feedbooks and Wordpress - also numerous automated websites that collect or list my work, though not necessarily with my permission. The Rivendale Review remains the primary source for all my work.

For ebook versions compatible with Kindle, Sony eReader, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices, please visit my Feedbooks stream.

All these works are free.

Traditional printed versions of my work are available at Lulu.com.  Lulu will obviously charge for the printed works, but I don't take any royalties. (shhh,... I don't sell many). The works are also available in PDF format from Lulu as free downloads.

I choose to give my work away because getting someone to pay for it was always more trouble than it was worth, and for now I prefer to remain on the free side of internet.
Naturally, I retain all the rights to my work. You may, however, copy or disseminate it in whole or in part in whatever way you wish so long as it does not involve making money out of it.

For essays, comments, observations, and the usual blog-miscellania, please visit my blog at Wordpress.com

All of my work is complete and free to read, no teasers or tasters. I'm just one of the many authors who found it impossible to attract a mainstreampublisher, and came over time to value a readership, more than remuneration.

The internet is my medium, and you dear websurfer, are my potential reader!

I do hope you  enjoy my stories.

Michael Graeme










 Short Fiction


~ Rosemary's Eyes  ~Love is a Perfect Place ~ The Man Who Talked to Machines ~

~ The Man Who Could Not Forget ~ A Moth on the Moon ~ Lively Custard ~The Enigma that was Carla Sinclair ~

~ The Magician of Monkton Pier ~ The Choices ~ Escape from Paradise Island ~ Crystal Says  ~  The Summer of 83 ~

~ Katie's Rescue (coming soon)~

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